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In 1994, Håkon Lie and Bert Bos collaborated to create Cascading Style Sheets, CSS. At HTML's conception, websites weren't able to be styled; it was up to the browser to choose how the webpage was displayed. A few styling languages came to be before CSS, though they were typically too complex, so Lie and Bos strived for their language to be simple. The main boost in popularity of CSS was support by Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 3. Other browsers soon jumped on the bandwagon, such as Netscape and Gecko, the predecessor to Firefox. After CSS's creation, authors of websites could style them as they saw fit.

After the creation of CSS, a boom of unique styles happened, with the industry of web design being born. Websites with textured backgrounds became popular. Websites began using more colors, straying from the black text on a white background that was the norm in the early days of HTML.