JavaScript is Born


In 1995, over the course of 10 days, Netscape employee Brendan Eich created one of the most influential programming languages to date. In those 10 days, he created the first version of JavaScript. It's been known by many different names since its conception, including LiveScript & ECMAScript, but JavaScript changed web development for years to come.


After surging in popularity, developers began expanding what one could do with JavaScript. Creating open-source libraries for nearly every purpose, they broadened the possiblities of web development. Nearly every project utilizing JavaScript now uses some sort of library, be it for making applications, graphs, animations, or nearly any other purpose. Below are a few of the more popular JavaScript libraries being used my developers around the world:


JavaScript extended the abilities of web developers exponentialy, openning up a new world of what could be used in websites. Animations became more wide-spread, and as the years, and Javascript, progressed, websites became more intricate, with the introduction of web applications, allowing websites to become more functional than just informational.